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I like to write about what happens in our lives and how it can relate to our financial lives. Not always but most of the time. So keep checking in. I'm glad to have you reading along.

Stuck In a Rut


This summer I've been in a bit of a slump when it comes to writing. The creative juices haven't been flowing the way I'd like them to. I've gone through the same process I typically do when I write…and then I can't seem to keep the momentum going. The result? I have a lot of unfinished blog posts.

Since I like to get my posts out to you guys on a fairly regular basis, I started to panic. WHAT AM I GOING TO WRITE ABOUT? I told Jill recently I thought I had writer's block.

And then it hit me. What I was experiencing is totally relatable to our financial lives.

Often in our financial lives we get stuck in a rut. We fall into old habits or get stuck in newer, more detrimental habits. Maybe we're spending too much money eating out because it's easier than buying the groceries and cooking. Or we're putting off meeting with that financial advisor because we're too busy or worried about (insert anything here). Or we aren't saving as much as we know we could.

This doesn't make us bad people. We're human. As I've written about before, we're prone to making mistakes. Guilty as charged, right here. Instead of committing to my writing, I found other things to do. The topics I came up with became uninteresting. I'd start writing, then get distracted. And instead of committing and finishing, I'd find other, more interesting things to do.

And that's okay. Until it isn't. I know I should could be writing my blog posts. It's good for you, it's good for me. Just as there are things in your financial lives you know you should could be doing. Think of it this way: any amount of something is ALWAYS better than 100% of nothing. And so this blog post is about DOING.

Do something today that will benefit your financial life tomorrow. Get the life insurance you've been putting off. Open that 529 plan you've been meaning to do. Finalize those wills and other important legal documents.

Whatever it is, do it. You never know when the smallest steps will result in the biggest of changes. And get you out of that rut.