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Flat Fee Financial Planning

Life is Not a Straight line

Your financial life shouldn’t be treated like one, either. Life will happen, and the best laid plans will change. My wife and I went from having 1 kid to 5 kids in 2.5 years, hence the phrase. Whether you find out you’re having twins (surprise!), lose your job (not so cool), or win the lottery (jackpot!), whatever it is life throws at you - both good and not so good - how do you handle it?

It starts with a direction, a plan, and actionable steps to get there.



focus on factors you can control

Traffic, the weather, the stock markets. All factors that are out of our control. And they can all cause stress, anxiety, and worry. So rather than focusing on financial factors we cannot control, we want to shift our focus to financial factors we can control:

Factor1 (6).png
Factor2 (3).png
Factor3 (4).png
Factor4 (2).png

Do well. Be well. financially.

Financial Planning is a process. And I’ve learned the financial planning process can be intimidating for some. That’s normal. I’ve tried to avoid using a “process” in the past but it just doesn’t work. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect:

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Financial Planning2_Website.png
Financial Planning3_Website (2).png
Financial Planning4_Website (5).png
Financial Planning5_Website (2).png
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