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do well. be well. financially.



Look, it’s pretty simple. You want to DO Well, Financially. And you want to BE Well, Financially. We all do, right?

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen a pretty sizable shift in the world of financial advice. We’ve moved away from transaction-oriented, commission compensation to asset-based fees. As a whole, this is a pretty good thing. But there’s another issue: when you don’t have assets to pay fees from, what happens?

You get ignored, that’s what happens. Or you work with a transactor, aka an advisor who needs you to buy their product in exchange for the financial advice. Wait, what? That doesn’t make much sense.

We want to change that, at least for our own clients.

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At OnPlane Financial Advisors, we provide actionable advice. As a true FIDUCIARY, your best interest really IS number one.

How? Through a flat fee structured around the services we provide which allows us to avoid conflicts of interest.

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